Google Helpful Content Algorithm Updates 2023


In the near future, Google is set to release an incremental update to its helpful content system. This update will enable the system to uncover hidden gems from hard-to-find places across the web, like forum threads and blogs, and display them in Google Search. According to Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, helpful information can often be found in unexpected or difficult-to-find places.

It appears that the upcoming helpful content update aims to promote helpful content while demoting unhelpful content. However, Google’s previous update page carries a negative sentiment, emphasizing the need to eliminate unhelpful content.

It indicates that the system automatically identifies content with little to no value or added value that is not particularly useful. Any content on sites with high amounts of unhelpful content will likely perform poorly in search results, and removing unhelpful content could help boost the rankings of other content.

In light of these statements, it seems that Google will be more diligent in locating helpful content and showing it on Search while downplaying unhelpful content to strike a balance between the two. We’ll have to see how the update rolls out before making any further predictions.

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